My First Week as an Informatics Intern - Kaylie Pitts

Jun 2, 2020 | Inside Informatics

Over the course of this past week, what my team and I like to say is that I've taken a clear jump off the deep end into the world of digital marketing. From day one, I realized this would not be like any other typical internship.

Informatics Intern

Since the start of my first meeting at Informatics, I knew working with this team would be special. The fluidity and ease of conversation between not only our Digital Marketing (DM) team but the company overall seemed so prominent and definitive, like how a family or group of long-time friends would interact. However, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Just as this team is comfortable with each other, this speaks to their degree of work ethic as well. It seems that there is an unspoken rule of when to lighten the mood and when to get down to business. To me, that was the perfect combination.

Getting Adjusted

My first day was a whirlwind of phone calls, training sessions, and setting up accounts on websites that I had never heard of. There were different passwords to write down, meetings every hour, and never-ending technical bumps in the road. It was safe to say I was drained. Especially with the adjustment from working in the office to a virtual transition, there were several issues we encountered that probably would have been resolved easier in the office. However, what grounded me was the level of genuine care and concern that every person exhibited towards me. I could tell that anyone I talked to sincerely wanted me to learn and feel comfortable asking questions or speaking up. This reassured me that even though things could be stressful, I was in good hands.

Throughout the first week, I met with each member of the DM team to learn more about their specific role and responsibilities. I came into my internship excited to learn about Google Analytics, managing ad campaigns, and social media, but what I got was so much more. I also learned about affiliate marketing, customer service, and analyzing and improving company websites. Every meeting was unique and left me eager to eventually try my hand at each task. Aside from responsibilities, I learned the overview of each project we are currently working on and got to know more about what Informatics does for their clients. We covered everything from consulting roles to ad ideas to social media monitoring. Though it was a lot of information, I felt so included and already accepted as part of the team. Towards the end of the week, I was slowly given responsibility to complete some basic tasks and knew that this would be the start of my journey as an Informatics team member. Above all else, what I appreciate the most about this team and company overall is that from day one, I was given purpose as an intern to do my part with confidence that I would not disappoint, and that is the difference between my role and most other intern roles. The deep end's not so scary!

Looking Ahead

Day by day, I am given more responsibility and learning something new. With this consistency, I can only hope that by the end of this summer, I will walk away knowing more than I ever thought possible and having experience that I feel confident applying to the real world. Second week, here I come!

A few things about me: I attend the University of Iowa as a Marketing major on the Analytics track. I initially learned about Informatics through my connection to the Marketing Institute, an experiential learning course I am enrolled in through the rest of my time at school. I will be graduating in May of 2021 and am more than excited to see what the future holds!

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