How to Shift Your Marketing Strategy in the Midst of Uncertainty

May 14, 2020 | Content Marketing

With the impact of COVID-19 coming to light, learn ways to adjust your marketing focus and fine tune your digital strategy during this downturn.

Shift Marketing

It is a very strange world we are living in today. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are facing obstacles never before seen in society. Although we may feel stuck in a rut, there is a silver lining. Now is the time to rethink and refine our strategies. The hurdles your are now facing as a marketer have never been faced before, so why not try something new? Below we have outlined four steps you can take to shift your marketing strategy during this uncertain time. 

4 Steps to Altering Your Marketing 

Retain - With a lot of panic being stirred due to the pandemic, it's vital to retain the consumer base you've already gained over your years in business. Stay vigilant and communicate with your consumers often. Be sure to convey a calm and transparent message that your team is taking steps to ensure no drop in service occurs. 

Reach - Although your knee jerk reaction may be to pull back on marketing, it's actually just the opposite. This does not necessarily mean spending more money. Your main goal at this time should be to become even more visible to your consumer base and target markets. If you are in a very niche industry, try fine tuning your audience to increase frequency. If not, attempt to expand your targeting areas to reach consumers that may have not yet seen your advertising.  

Test - As stated above, this type of pandemic situation has never been seen before by digital marketers. It's time to try that great idea that you thought of a few months ago, but were too scared to implement. Whether it's adjusting your budget and bid strategy, targeting zones, or messaging, it's a great time to test and see what works.  

Analyze - Despite it being a great time to test new ideas, the ideas become useless without data analysis. Be sure to evaluate aspects of every ad or campaign that you run. This will help you to build and forge strategies that will keep your business successful during this very difficult time. 

In these uncertain times, these four steps will help you not only keep your current client base, but possibly discover successful tactics you would've never before tried out. It's time to expand, test, and analyze every possible data point you can. If you have any questions on refocusing your marketing strategy, or are interested in discovering new tactics, please feel free to contact the marketing experts at Informatics! 

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