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Sep 8, 2020 | Inside Informatics

Day by day, Women Lead Change is slowly changing the possibilities that are available to women in everyday life and encouraging them to succeed. Check out their story and how they've adapted to COVID-19.

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From what started as an idea with 30 women leaders in 2006, Women Lead Change has come a long way to evolve into what and who they are today, with 100 member companies, five annual conferences held regularly, and a leadership team with an astounding resume.

Their inspiration for starting such an organization lies in their desire for women to succeed, offering aid such as leadership resources, networking events, and additional services to further advance women's leadership roles and opportunities throughout life. Some of their specific methods for change include the Ascent Leadership Program, ATHENA Awards, and scholarships for women and students who want to participate in conferences and events. Because of the progress this organization has made, women who are both local and national have been provided with the skills they need to succeed.

However, the introduction of COVID-19 to our world has been far from an easy adjustment for anyone, and Women Lead Change is no different. Like so many other organizations, their day-to-day operations and how they help people was severely impacted by losing the ability to have physical contact and in-person gatherings. However, the amount of resilience this team has demonstrated in the face of uncertainty is truly encouraging. Their mission is to be innovative in everything they do; this involves launching new projects such as their podcast called Own It! by Women Lead Change and a Facebook group called Connect. Unite. Inspire. They additionally have taken steps to make all of their workshops and conferences a virtual experience.

How to Help

So how can you contribute to such an empowering organization like this during their time of need? Easy. Help them do what they do best: help you. The biggest opportunity that Women Lead Change is making possible is being able to access content wherever you are, so take advantage of it! Several packages are available for all events, with both paid and free opportunities included. But most importantly, following their social media will keep you updated on everything that's going on, so make sure to check out their Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube!

As if Women Lead Change hasn't done enough for their community, they're also holding an award for Iowa Women of Achievement which will recognize 3 women with an Iowa presence that have made an impact regionally, nationally, or globally. They will have plaques made in their name and placed on the Iowa Women of Achievement Bridge in downtown Des Moines for statewide recognition. Winners will be announced at the central Iowa conference on October 28th, so stay tuned!

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