How to Create an AdWords Campaign

Apr 21, 2014 | Google Ads

To start your first AdWords campaign here are a few things to keep in mind.

Google Adwords

When you are ready to start your first AdWords Pay Per Click Campaign there are a few things you will want to understand before you dive in.

AdWords Structure

The structure of your AdWords account is the starting point for ensuring you get the best for your budget. By grouping and organizing your account in campaigns and ad groups you ensure content ties together. Here is a simple outline of how your account should be laid out.

Adwords - tree.png

How to Determine Your Campaigns

A campaign can be anything you want but a couple tips to keep in mind when determining your AdWords campaign include:

  • Organize your campaigns similar to your website: if you have certain products or services you offer, those are logical campaigns
  • Create campaigns for different locations: If you want to target different geographical locations you will set up separate campaigns
  • Budget: If you want to spend more on a certain topic than another, those would be separate campaigns

How to Determine Your Ad Groups
Once you have determined your campaigns, the next step will be to create ad groups. An ad group can contain multiple ads and keywords for each. An ad group is basically a sub-category of your campaign. It’s important to set up ad groups because it allows you to correlate keywords accordingly. Here is a sample set-up:

Adwords - example.png

As you can see within this example, the apparel campaign is further broken into kids' apparel and winter apparel. The reason these are separate is because the keywords a user would type in for kids' apparel will be much different than winter apparel. With this separation you can better define those keywords.

If you need help getting your AdWords account organized and started, Contact Informatics.

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