Twitter for Business: Creating Top-Notch Content

Nov 20, 2014 | Social Media

To make things easier, we’re going to remind you of the best practices when creating your Twitter content as well as 7 types of tweets that are sure to help you stay on top.

Business Content for Twitter

Creating fresh, new content for your social media sites can be a real struggle. And even though Twitter only allows for 140 characters, creating content for the social media site isn’t any easier than creating content for sites like Facebook or LinkedIn. In fact, it can sometimes be more difficult. The real challenge is that you are using a limited amount of space to promote your brand, engage, and maintain good grammar! To make things easier, we’re going to remind you of the best practices when creating your Twitter content as well as 7 types of tweets that are sure to help you stay on top.

Best Practices

Remember these things when you are drafting your tweets:

  • 140 Characters

    Any characters past 140 will be cut off. Links and photos use up part of your 140 characters as well! And according to Social Media Examiner, tweets around 110 characters actually receive 17% higher engagement.

  • Don’t Lead with a Handle

    Unless you are replying directly to someone and don’t care either way if your followers see, do not lead with a handle. A tweet that begins with another user’s handle (i.e. @InformaticsInc) will not show up in your followers’ timelines.

  • Use 2 Hashtags

    According to Inc., you can see a 100% increase in engagement with hashtags, but only up to 2. When tweets contain more than 2 hashtags, your engagement will drop an average drop of 17%.

  • Shrink Links

    Using a link shortening tool, like Bitly or Hootsuite’s, will help keep your tweet’s looking clean and concise. Plus, getting a paid account with either of these programs will allow you track your link over time to see how many people clicked on it.

7 Types of Top-Notch Content

While some companies spend their days tweeting at their customers on social media, others are busy curating and sharing articles from big news sources. It’s hard to say exactly what will work for you, but here are some tips to help you keep your content fresh.

  1. Retweet

    Follow companies that offer interesting content and insights and you’re sure to be left with great material for retweeting. See something you like? Give it the nod of approval by sharing with your followers!

  2. Share Your Blogs

    Sharing original content is great because it drives traffic to your website and positions you as a subject matter expert. If you’re not currently blogging, get on it! If you are, always make sure to share your blogs in tweets.

  3. Curate and Share Articles

    Spend your mornings scouring the top websites in your industry for interesting articles. Become the go-to-person in your industry for latest news, trends, and tips by sharing the best articles on Twitter.

  4. Start a Conversation

    Spend some time reaching out and engaging with customers, local organizations, and even people you’ve never heard of before. This is a great way to generate new leads.

  5. Fill in the Blank

    Here’s a fun one! Post quick, fun “Fill in the Blank” tweets to encourage your followers to interact.

  6. Post Quick Facts and Tips

    Helpful quick tips and intriguing facts are always fun social media fodder. Again, you will be able to position yourself as a subject matter expert and have fun doing it!

  7. Use Images

    Including an image in your tweet is sure to increase engagement. Remember that the image will appear in a 2:1 ratio in your stream, so optimize it as such. If you’re looking for a great tool to design fun images, check out Canva!

    Twitter can be challenging but it can also be a lot of fun. Keep these tips in mind next time you have writer’s block and you’re sure to be inspired. If you need assistance with setting up or managing your Twitter account, let Informatics’ Social Media team help. Contact us today.

Photo Credit: greyweed via flickr cc

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