4 Tools to Improve Your Twitter Game

Feb 26, 2015 | Social Media

Do you currently manage your business’ Twitter account or are you looking to set one up? Step up your Twitter game by implementing some of these free and low-cost tools.

5 Tools to Improve Your Twitter Game

Do you currently manage your business’ Twitter account or are you looking to set one up? Step up your Twitter game by implementing some of these free and low-cost tools.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a very beneficial Twitter tool in a number of ways. First of all, it is great for scheduling. If you do not have time or resources to tweet in real-time, then Hootsuite can help. Hootsuite allows you to schedule your tweets down to the minute, and months in advance.

Hootsuite is also great if you are managing multiple accounts or work with a social media team. Hootsuite’s dashboard-style layout allows you to monitor feeds from multiple social media accounts at once and post to several twitter feeds from one dashboard. So instead of having a bunch of different tabs open or logging in and out of Twitter accounts, you can manage it all from one page.

An additional Hootsuite benefit is its link-shrinking feature. Similar to bit.ly, ow.ly allows you to shrink long links into tiny URLs and monitor the number of clicks they receive. So whether you need an inexpensive link shrinker with analytics, a hub for your social media team, or a post scheduler, Hootsuite is your tool.

Cost: Free (Paid Accounts and Additional Add-Ons Available)

2. ManageFlitter

For a social media management platform that focuses solely on Twitter, try ManageFlitter. ManageFlitter allows you to schedule posts, track analytics, and more. But some of the more unique features of ManageFlitter are what make it worthwhile.

The PowerPost feature allows you to see the best time to post tweets based on your account. The Follow and Unfollow features will show you which accounts don’t follow you back and which ones have no profile image. These features will also allow you to easily follow back those that follow you, copy another person’s followers and much more. Additionally, an advanced search tool lets you filter by keywords, followers, and location to search for new accounts in the “Twitterverse”.

Cost: Free (Paid Accounts Available for $12-48/monthly)

3. Twellow

Looking for inspiration? If you like to share relevant articles from some of the best industry leaders on Twitter, then Twellow is the tool for you. Twellow helps you easily find Twitter pages you want to follow and helps others using Twellow, find you!

So if you are looking to grow your follower base or find other Twitter users in a variety of industries create a free Twellow account and get searching.

Cost: Free

4. Dlvr.it

If you are extremely limited on time and resources, yet you have important, original blogs or news articles that you want to tweet, Dlvr.it can help. Typically, we recommend that our clients use Twitter to engage and this means posting original content and sharing more than just the blog title. However, we understand that this is easier said than done for some companies.

If you absolutely do not have the time to tweet yourself, Dlvr.it will be your life-saver. This tool allows you to input your blog’s RSS feed so that each time you post a new blog to your website, it automatically tweets the title and link to your account. If you’re just getting started on Twitter, this may be a good jumping off point for you. Then, once you have more time and resources, you can move away from the tool and start customizing your tweets.

Cost: Free (Paid Accounts Available for $9.99-149.99/monthly)

If you need assistance with managing your company’s Twitter account, feel free to contact Informatics. Our social media management team would be happy to assist!

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