Get found! Google Opens Maps to Advertising

May 4, 2016 | Google Ads

Google has changed their algorithm. See how it can benefit your local ads.

Google Adwords

It is obvious to the most casual observer that the mobile market has changed the world. It has also changed the way that businesses interact with customers both in and outside of digital advertising. Customers are now using their mobile devices to search for businesses, but also using searches to reach out to businesses.

Your business has even more opportunity to reach out to this market with the most recent Google algorithm changes. In short, the adjustments will allow AdWords advertisements to appear in local searches ​only for businesses using location extensions.  Google Maps will be able to display ads based on both the address search and the geographic location of the searcher.

If you are just starting out with your AdWords campaigns and have not activated any ad extensions, now is the time! Ad extensions improve your businesses’ visibility and provide another way to improve your clickthrough rate (CTR) without any additional cost. A click on an extension costs the same amount as a click on your advertisement.

Here are some of extensions that you can use in your ads to boost your local business:

  • Call Extension – A ‘call’ button will appear next to your ad allowing your mobile audiences to call your business with one click.
  • Location Extension – Beyond the enhancements mentioned above, this extension allows your ad to include a link that will take your audience to a map of your location.
  • Sitelink Extension – Normally you only want to direct your audiences to one landing page, but if you have specialty menu items or want to give your customers a quick way to view your store hours, this is a good way to provide your customer the convenience of one click to go straight to that information.
  • Callout Extension – A callout gives you another opportunity to show how you are different from your competition. You can use this descriptive text to show special offers or your unique selling proposition.

If you need assistance with setting up extensions on your AdWords campaign or optimizing your local digital marketing efforts, contact Informatics.

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