Introducing Facebook Canvas Ads

Apr 26, 2016 | Social Media

What’s your story? Tell your brand story in a new way through Facebook Canvas Ads.

Introducing Facebook Canvas Ads

Targeting demographics will increase the performance of your campaigns, but how do you reach people within an audience that isn’t ready to buy? You can reach that audience by providing a great brand experience that provides more information and helps them get to know you better. This has been challenging with boosted posts and traditional ad formats on Facebook. That has now changed.

At the end of February, Facebook announced the release of a new ad format called Canvas. They describe the format as an immersive ad experience that loads nearly instantaneously.

Canvas combines the opportunity to use several different effective ad formats: text, video, and carousel images. Using these formats helps you reach your audiences, but it also helps the relevancy scores of your ads during auction.

The platform is optimized for mobile and uses a combination of features including:

  • Full Screen Images
  • Text areas
  • Call to Action Buttons for Offsite Links
  • Image Carousels with Up to 10 Images
  • Video
  • Full screen Tilt-to-Pan Image Capabilities
  • Product Set Information for Up to 40 Products

Customers can swipe through the full screen experience and companies are already having success with it. For example, during beta testing in the 2015 holiday shopping season ASUS launched a Canvas ad themed “End Bad Gifts.” The company received a 42% increase in clicks, but that is only half the story. After swiping through Canvas, 70% of the customers proceeded on the ASUS website.

The platform is available through Facebook’s power editor. For more information about how Informatics can help optimize your Facebook ad campaign using Canvas, contact Informatics.

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