Paid Advertising Case Study: Increasing Local Facebook Likes

Aug 1, 2016 | Social Media

If you are a local business and your page likes are exceptionally low, we recommend putting some marketing dollars toward promoting your Facebook page.

Case Study: Increasing Local Facebook Likes

Many businesses have a hard time increasing their reach on Facebook. While we don’t typically prefer to view “likes” as a key performance indicator, more likes do lead to a larger reach. If you are a local business and your page likes are exceptionally low, we recommend putting some marketing dollars toward promoting your Facebook page. If done right, Facebook ads can be very cost-effective.

To help convince you, we’re going to break down a case study of a successful Facebook ad we did for a client earlier this summer.

About Promoted Pages

First, we want to give you some more background information on Facebook advertising and promoted pages. Within Facebook there are a slew of advertising opportunities ranging from boosted posts and videos to promoted pages and carousel ads. Today we are specifically talking about promoted pages.

A promoted page in Facebook Advertising is an ad that’s sole purpose is to increase your page likes. The ad will appear in mobile and desktop news feeds or in the right hand column of the desktop. In a brief description, the ad will tell the user why they should like your page and also includes a large call to action encouraging users to hit the “like” button. You can also place an image of your choice in the ad. There are quite a few more details that go into setting up a promoted page ad but Facebook does a good job of walking you through the set-up.

Promoted Post Case Study

The Objective: Earlier this summer a retail client approached us about increasing the likes on their local Facebook page. They wanted the community around their store to know about the great deals they had to offer.

This particular client had $300 to put toward a Facebook ad. We recommended promoting their page since their main goal was to increase likes. We also recommended a time frame of 3 days so that they would spend $100 per day.

The Ad: A promoted page ad offers limited space for a call to action. We used this space to encourage users to “like” the page in order to receive updates on special events and exclusive offers. The ad also included an image from the Facebook page with the name of the town and company logo on it.

The Details: Since this was a local store, we decided to target the town that the store was in and a 50 mile radius around it. For the record, when targeting a town, Facebook lets you specify a radius of up to 50 miles. Since this retailer appeals to both men and women, we targeted all users ages 18-65+.

The Results: The ad performed extremely well. In fact, it increased their Facebook likes by 9,920% from just 10 likes to 1,002.

  • Total Reach: 21,812
  • Page Likes: 902
  • Cost Per Page Like: $0.33

If you are interested in having Informatics help set up a Facebook ad for your company, contact us today!

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