Case Study: YouTube Ad Outperforms Industry Average

Jan 22, 2019 | Case Studies

Does animated video reach qualified leads? Informatics launched a YouTube ad that preformed higher than the industry average!

Stop wasting time with advertisements that aren’t reaching targeted potential customers. Share your brand, products, and services with qualified leads by developing unique media campaigns with Informatics.

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Future Systems, a localized payroll company, shifted their marketing focus several years ago, pivoting away from traditional television advertising to a modern and diversified digital effort. As an alternative to traditional broadcast media, Informatics developed a fresh approach to creating buzz for Future Systems’ cloud-based timekeeping software.

This new campaign utilized Informatics’ media production team to develop an eye-catching video that would be implemented by our digital marketers in a Google Ads/YouTube video campaign. Informatics manages a multi-channel marketing strategy for Future Systems, integrating social media, email, blogging, SEO, and SEM through Google Ads.


  • Reduce spending on underperforming traditional advertising
  • Improve audience targeting
  • Increase brand reach and recognition

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Informatics’ creative team identified a pressing need to create a unifying theme that spoke directly to the chosen medium—YouTube. The concept of “Everyone’s watching the clock,” captured the spirit and functionality of Future Systems’ online timekeeping product, while also playfully nodding to the YouTube pre-roll platform’s on-screen countdown.

Traditional television commercials perform poorly on YouTube. They are designed for an attention model that assumes a captive audience, rather than one that can and will choose to skip content after just a few seconds. Animation is a highly recommended alternative to live-action video. Animation is more cost-effective, eliminates physical production limitations, and evokes feelings of child-like nostalgia that combat viewers’ ingrained dislike of intrusive advertisements.

Working collaboratively with the client, Informatics executed the entire project from conception to deployment of the forty-second video. Scriptwriting, animation, voiceover recording, advertising parameter selection, campaign launch, and performance monitoring were all coordinated and completed by the Informatics staff.


  • View Rate 48% Above Industry Average
    • In December of 2018 the pre-roll ad achieved a view rate of 40%. This significantly outpaces the industry average of 27% (StrikeSocial).
  • Increased Targeting Ability
    • Traditional television advertising offers no flexibility. Marketers are forced to make television ad buys based on limited programmatic demographic information, often leading to campaigns that are directed toward uninterested customers or ignored altogether.
    • YouTube allows marketers to create custom geo-targeted ads and set limits based on demographics, time of day, audience interest and other browsing behaviors captured by Google. Advanced analytics provides data points that facilitate the fine-tuning of present and future campaigns.
  • Significant Cost Reduction
    • Using television ads with minimal targeting and no reporting, Future Systems previously spent approximately $500 for 90 seconds of weekly airtime (15 seconds each) during a local morning news broadcast. These ads had zero reach beyond the local market. Plus, the ability to track engagement is virtually impossible.
    • The YouTube campaign receives approximately 3,500 targeted views every week at a total cost of $200, a savings of 60%.
    • Television advertising has no dynamic pricing. The ads run at the selected time and are purchased in a single upfront transaction.
    • The YouTube campaign only cost the client when the viewer watched for 11 seconds or longer. The video can reach any targeted audience member any time of day and is available on the platform as a standalone asset 24 hours each day. By offering constant availability and advanced targeting and reporting, Informatics was able to dramatically lower the cost while exponentially boosting value.
“We trust Informatics for the expertise and full-service approach. Any service that is doing its job, plus saving us time and money, is an easy decision.” – Douglas Hass, Future Systems

By utilizing highly detailed reporting from YouTube and Google Ads, we can successfully measure a video’s effectiveness and capture information about the online behaviors of Future Systems’ leads. This allows us to refine messaging and delivery long-term, maximizing profit and ROI.

Our longstanding relationship with Future Systems has allowed us to creatively explore multiple modes of communicating their brand message.

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