8 Things Your Company Should Be Doing On LinkedIn

Oct 17, 2013 | Social Media

Whether you are currently on LinkedIn or not, we have come up with a high-level list of things your company should most definitely be doing on LinkedIn.

Things You Should Be Doing On LinkedIn

Is your company on LinkedIn? Yes? Good.

If you said no, create a company page now! This is especially important if your company focuses on Business to Business marketing.

Whether you are currently on LinkedIn or not, we have come up with a high-level list of things your company should most definitely be doing on LinkedIn. Remember, LinkedIn is a professional networking site and unlike Facebook, is both formal and business-oriented. In order to become more successful on this network, you should do the following:

1. Add your Services

  • LinkedIn offers a clear-cut spot for your company’s services or products. You are able to add a photo and description for each and link back to the specific landing page on your website. LinkedIn is for business…so showcase your business!

2. Upload a Banner Photo

  • Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn provides a space for a smaller profile picture and a larger banner photo. Utilize this banner photo to showcase your products, services, company culture, announcements, etc. Please, just do not leave it blank.

3. Update Daily

  • No, creating a LinkedIn page is not enough. No one will know it exists if you do not maintain it. Updating daily with interesting and relevant content will increase your brand awareness and your credibility. 

4. Include Links

  • Including a link to your updates can drive twice as much engagement (slide share). These Calls to Action will lead people directly to your site and encourage conversation.

5. Always Include an Image

  • People are skimming LinkedIn; they are not reading every individual update. Thus, you must grab their attention with a photo. Photos increase the likelihood that they will take ten seconds to read your update, and if they are intrigued, they will take action. 

6. Implement a Social Media Budget; Sponsor updates

  • More marketers are acknowledging the importance of setting aside a social media budget that allows for paid advertisements and sponsored updates. LinkedIn has both. Allocate some funds to go toward sponsoring some of your more important updates so that more people will see them. Make sure these updates link back to YOUR site. You don’t want to be paying to drive traffic to other sites. 

7. Regularly Review your Analytics

  • Your analytics are there for a reason, and they are pretty awesome! LinkedIn’s free analytics tell you the number of impressions a post received (how many times someone saw your post), how many of those were unique impressions (people who have never seen your content before), and the engagement each post got (likes, clicks, comments, shares). Review these analytics, record them, and study the changes over time.

8. Encourage Your Employees to Connect

  • Your employees should be on LinkedIn. Assuming they are, ask them to follow the company page. This will increase your follower base, put faces to the brand, and put forth the fact that your employees support the company.

There is so much more to learn from LinkedIn and these are just a few of the top tips for running your company page. If you do not have the time or resources to manage your social media campaign, a third party social media management team, like Informatics Inc., can assist.

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