Organic SEO vs. Google AdWords

May 7, 2014 | Search Engine Optimization

Why use Adwords if SEO is free? See how Google Adwords works with SEO.

SEO vs. Google AdWords

At this stage you probably understand how AdWords can help you increase leads and get found online but there is one big question that lingers: why would you pay for placement in Google if the goal is to rank organically with SEO?

Why use AdWords if SEO is Free?

The ultimate goal is to be found organically through your SEO efforts, however, there are some key reasons as to why AdWords should be part of your online strategy.

  • Time for Results: An organic SEO strategy takes time to see results, often 3-6 months. During that time you could be missing out on new leads. With an AdWords campaign you can start to see results in a fraction of that time.
  • Quick Adapting: Your goals, keywords and audience can change with little to no notice. AdWords allows you to adapt and make changes at any time.
  • Google Network: The Google Display Network can reach users on thousands of partner websites. This means you can display ads in many different ways, not just in search.

AdWords Works with Your SEO

While there are many advantages to an AdWords campaign, in the end it’s another tool in your online marketing toolkit and a way to push people to your website. In addition, AdWords works along side your organic SEO goal. So, while you work on your SEO strategy, an AdWords campaign can already be driving people to your website.

If you have additional questions or would like to get started with your AdWords campaign, contact Informatics for assistance.

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