Twitter for Business: 6 Beginner Tips

Feb 26, 2014 | Social Media

We have outlined 6 beginner tips for tackling Twitter, helping you to increase your company’s social media presence and improve on your Twitter game.

Twitter for Business

We have outlined 6 beginner tips for tackling Twitter, helping you to increase your company’s social media presence and improve on your Twitter game.

1) Use Hashtags
Hashtags a.k.a. trending topics are signified by the pound symbol (#), and are used to create conversation around and categorize certain topics. You should definitely use hashtags that relate to your products and services and that appeal to your audiences. Take a look at the top trending hashtags and consider joining those conversations. However, make sure that the hashtags you use are relevant. Double check what the topic of a hashtag is all about before implementing it. And yes, you CAN use too many in one post! One to three hashtags per post is optimal.

2) Link Elsewhere
Include links to content elsewhere when tweeting. You only have 140 characters to work with and often times that is not enough. Include a little teaser, use a tiny URL to save space, and when possible, direct people back to the original content on your website.

3) Include Photos
Recent changes to the Twitter timeline have allowed photos to automatically display when uploaded. Take advantage of this enhanced real-estate by including interesting, optimized images relating to your tweet.

4) Take Part in Promotions
If you have some extra marketing dollars, put those toward your social media budget and begin advertising on Twitter. Twitter offers three main types of promotions: promoted accounts, promoted tweets, and promoted trends. With a promoted account you pay a little extra for a suggestion that others follow you, a promoted tweet will place your tweet directly into the timelines of those that do not follow you, and a promoted trend will include your hashtag in the top trending topics. You are paying for visibility, and Twitter offers outstanding targeting options, allowing you to choose very specific demographics to target.

5) Participate in Chats
A really cool thing that came out of the hashtag is the chat. Chats are scheduled conversations based around a specific topic, bringing everyone together through a common hashtag. Find chats that are relevant to your industry, add them to your calendar and take part! Not only will you learn a ton, others will learn from you as well.

6) Frequency Matters
The frequency of posting matters much more for Twitter than most other platforms because Twitter is all about real-time information flow and immediacy. Your tweets most likely won’t survive in a follower’s timeline more than an hour (maximum), so you need to post often to stay relevant. We recommend posting several times per day, including weekends. This will give you optimum visibility.

If you need assistance with your social media management, Informatics is here to help. Feel free to contact us for any questions you may have!

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