5 Trends to Consider When Creating Your 2017 Digital Marketing Plan

Dec 13, 2016 | Content Marketing

Stay ahead of the game and create your marketing plan with these trends in mind!

Digital Marketing

1. Video Will Dominate

Due to our increasingly fast-paced world, people no longer have the time to read text and oftentimes prefer video content instead. Social media is a prime example of a channel where video has taken over. When optimally produced, video provides a more entertaining way to advertise to consumers and have them retain the information they need to choose you. The video budget for marketers has increased in order to overrule competitor ads so be sure to keep video in mind to stay ahead of the game.

2. Mobile is Everywhere

It’s not hard to imagine that a significant portion of the U.S. population has a smartphone. Because of convenient access to the web anytime and anywhere, consumers often use their mobile devices in place of computers and tablets. In 2017 it will be a top priority to make sure all content is mobile-friendly. Keep in mind the different audiences and calls to action that will need to be addressed as marketing content is channeled across mobile devices.

3. Investments Increase on Social Analytics

2016 has been a year of exploring the various opportunities social media platforms present for marketing. Many companies throughout the year have hopped on board with using social media channels but most are still not learning how to evaluate results. Now it’s time to track your progress on social media. Social analytics will be a key investment for successful digital marketing plans in the New Year. Be sure your budget has ample room for social media and the analytical reporting that comes with it because it can tell you audience details such as reach/engagement, traffic amount, and even location. Take advantage of this information to better your marketing strategy.

4. Customers Will Receive In-Store Marketing

Refer to trend #2 for this explanation. As stated previously, mobile consumers are everywhere, especially in stores. 2017 will be a year filled with direct customer marketing experiences. A prime example of new opportunity includes a consumer shopping in a store location with their mobile device. Consumers are now willing to receive in-store alerts which means new kinds of marketing opportunities. Marketers now and in the future will be able to place personalized offers straight into the hands of their known audience.

5. 1 Platform Will Suffice

It can be assured that your marketing plan will suffer if content is not prepared for cross-device marketing. The average consumer is connected through multiple devices at once and needs content to be efficiently available in all corresponding formats. Take the initiative now to plan ahead with figuring out the type of calls to action to address, designing layouts that are easy to navigate, and knowing where your audience is coming from.

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