Case Study: How Realtors Grew Their Monthly Website Visitors by 44%

Nov 19, 2018 | Case Studies

Through website development, SEO, social media, blogging and email, we have been able to increase Jessica and Sarah's online presence and help them generate new leads.

Jessica and Sarah Realtor website in desktop and mobile


Jessica Yoder and Sarah Bigley, licensed realtors in Eastern Iowa, were managing an outdated website and had no digital presence beyond that. They wanted to expand their online footprint to generate new leads that would result in showings and ultimately, sales.


  • Increase Facebook Likes to 100
  • Increase Monthly Website Sessions by 25%
  • Increase Average Email Open Rate to 15%

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To help our client achieve their goal of generating new leads, we knew we had to expand their online presence and offer multiple outlets through which prospects could convert. Before implementing a robust digital marketing plan, Informatics designed, developed and launched a new website for Jessica & Sarah. Their new website is mobile-friendly, search engine optimized and includes savvy marketing features such as a blog, email subscribe popup, and community carousel. After the new site was launched, we developed Facebook and LinkedIn pages for Jessica & Sarah, through which we maintain regular paid ads and organic posting. We also launched a bi-weekly real estate blog, ongoing SEO efforts, and an email marketing campaign.


  • Increased Facebook Likes 264% Beyond Goal
    Developing and launching an optimized real estate Facebook page resulted in expansive reach.
  • $100 Facebook Ad Led to 3 Showings for One Home
    The creation and launch of a targeted carousel Facebook ad generated three qualified leads.
  • Grew Monthly Website Visitors by 44%
    Creating a search engine optimized website with an on-site blog led to a dramatic increase in qualified leads to the website.
  • Achieved Average Email Open Rate of 36.5%
    After implementing a monthly email schedule, our client saw a 36.5% open rate—surpassing the industry average open rate of 13.1%.
“We have been loving all the Facebook traffic that Informatics has been helping us generate! I like that Informatics thinks of all the awesome ideas for us and the only thing we have to worry about is selling houses.” – Sarah Bigley, Realtor

Informatics has helped boost the reach and brand awareness of Jessica & Sarah providing them with a significant return on investment from their website and digital marketing efforts Their trust in our team of experts has allowed us to help them achieve their goals. Through website development, SEO, social media, blogging and email, we have been able to increase their online presence and generate new leads.

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