Facebook Insights: 5 Favorite Features

Oct 15, 2013 | Social Media

Facebook recently came out with updated insights for Fan Pages. If you are running a company fan page, it is important that you utilize these insights so that you may optimize your strategy. To get you started we picked out our 5 favorite features.

Top 5 Facebook Insights

Facebook recently came out with updated insights for Fan Pages. If you are running a company fan page, it is important that you utilize these insights so that you may optimize your strategy. What makes Facebook Insights so amazing is that you can determine – with great detail – the best times to post, types of posts, and the demographic of your Facebook traffic. To give you a jump start, we picked out our five favorite features on Facebook Insights.

1. External Referrers

  • What: If you go to the Visits section of your insights and scroll to the bottom, there is a graph revealing your top external referrers. In other words, it tells you the number of times people came to your page from a website other than Facebook and what those websites are.
  • How to use it: Take a look and see if your website is doing a good job of leading people to your social media pages. If not, make sure you add your social media links to your website homepage. In addition, you can see if people are finding your Facebook via search engines or if customers may be referring you. 

2. When your Fans are Online

  • What: Under the Posts section of your insights, located at the top, is a graph depicting the times that your fans were on Facebook over the past week.
  • How to use it: Since this shows you exactly when YOUR fans are on Facebook, you know the exact times to reach your specific audience. This is for a one week period so if you want a more accurate reading you should consider tracking it over time for an average. 

3. Post Types

  • What: On the Posts section of your insights at the bottom is a table with all of your status updates. These are categorized by post type and reveal the reach and engagement of each separate post.
  • How to use it: With this you can see exactly which types of posts worked (i.e. photo, video, link, status), the number of people reached, the number of clicks, and the total engagement. Use this to determine what types of posts you will do in the future.

4. Your Fans

  • What: Under the People section in your insights, under Your Fans, you can see the demographics of the people who like your page. Discover their gender, age, and location. 
  • How to use it: Understand your demographics. Does your Facebook following represent what you consider your brand’s demographic to be? If not, try out different posts in order to sway your Facebook demographic to a more realistic representation of your brand.

5. People Engaged

  • What: Under the People section of your insights, under People Engaged, you can see which demographic of your followers are actually engaging with your posts. 
  • How to Use it: Take a look at who is more likely to engage out of your fans, men or women, younger people or older people, locals or non-locals. Then determine if your key demographic is engaging with your brand. If not, cater your posts more to them and check back on your insights at a later date.

These are just a few of the helpful insights on Facebook and there are many more to check out. Get familiar with these free analytics so that you may optimize your strategy and reach your social media goals. If you do not have the time or resources to run your social media campaign or track your insights, a third party social media management team, like Informatics Inc., can assist.

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