Social Media Trends for 2014

Nov 26, 2013 | Social Media

Everyone is dying to know, what are the social media trends for 2014? Well, we have decided to do a little research as well as consult our own insights to provide you with the top 2014 social media trends.

2014 Social Media Trends

Social Media Sites to Check Out


  • With Twitter going public earlier this month, it is the place to be. Sure Twitter has been around and has had a pretty large following for awhile now, but many are predicting that it could be the new Facebook in 2014 (especially with all of the teens leaving Facebook for similar micro-blogging sites). If you are not on Twitter already, you should definitely check it out. 


  • Google+ may have had a slow start but it is officially picking up momentum as we enter the New Year. With 18 new features added last month and its heavy hand in SEO, Google+ is the site to be on. Google’s search engine algorithm places great emphasis on your Google+ account and connections so by creating a site with keyword optimized content and posting regularly, you can increase your ranking in search results.


  • The rise of Twitter and photo-sharing sites like Instagram prove that micro-blogging is definitely in. The newest micro-blogging site? Vine. The mobile app for sharing 6-second looping videos has drawn many teenagers away from Facebook. Brands are also finding original ways to use the new mobile app, showing off their creativity and spreading brand awareness in small, digestible bites.


  • How are we going to market on SnapChat? This is the question that marketers are asking right now, knowing that this untapped potential awaits them in 2014. SnapChat is a mobile app in which users send disappearing photos to friends. These photos are preset to disappear from your phone within 10 seconds or less. The creators recently turned down multi-Billion dollar offers from social media giants like Facebook and Google, leaving us to believe that they have big plans for 2014.

Tactics to Employ in 2014

Content Marketing

  • Content marketing is still here and still growing. Blogging will be just as popular, if not more popular, in 2014, especially with Google’s Hummingbird Update . The Hummingbird update to Google’s search algorithm places greater emphasis on search phrases and conversations. Thus, blogs will continue to help your SEO.


  • Don’t be afraid to educate your followers on industry news, tips, facts, and more. They want to learn, just make sure you are doing it in an interesting way.


  • Consider creating your own infographics. People do not have a lot of time to read during the work day and infographics are an easy way to pass on information that can be digested in under a minute. 

Mobile Focus

  • Mobile is huge and it is still growing. Pay attention to mobile apps, mobile SEO, and how your customers are using mobile to access your website and social media sites.

In the end, who is to say what 2014 will bring? However, we have tried to make our best, educated guesses in order to give you a head start. As always, stay ahead of the curve because social media is changing daily.

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